History of residential sales

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Recent works

Elaia Junior

The recently completed construction of Ioniki is the Elaia Junior complex. It is located on Skiathos & Colonel Fryzi Streets in Melissia. On a 1,700sqm plot, it consisted of 2 autonomous buildings and 12 residences in the form of flour apartments with large common complex free areas with a pool gardens and playgrounds. The apartments plan areas varied from 113sqm to 154sqm.

Elaia Residential Complex

On a 6,500sqm plot Ioniki completed in 2012 the modern housing complex Elaia. It is located on Z. Pigis and Skiathos streets in Melissia. It is consisted of 8 autonomous buildings and residences made in the form of flour apartments. The characteristics of Elaia project were the large common areas with two pools, gardens, playgrounds and underground parking spaces. The apartments plans varied from 60sqm up to 148sqm.

Residential complex Neratziotissa (2006)

On a 6,800sqm plot, in Marousi (Psalidi location) Ioniki completed in 2006 the luxury housing complex Neratziotissa, built in the form of floor apartments. The complex was consisted of 7 autonomous buildings and is located on Egnatias, Laskari and Kirillou str., Near the ISAP Neratziotissa train station.

Other works

Bakogianni-Mercouri-Symis streets Residential Complex in Melissia (2003)

On a 4,700sqm plot, Ioniki completed in 2003 a luxury residential complex in the form of apartments and maisonettes. The complex was consisted of 8 autonomous buildings, large common areas with gardens, swimming pool, indoor gym and auxiliary rooms.

Sales History

1. Apartments building, Agios Georgiou Street, Melissia
2. Apartments building, Str. Papagou and Koritsas, Melissia
3. Apartments building, K. Palama Street, N. Heraklion
4. Apartments building, 37 Konitsis Street, Ν.Heraklion
5. Independent Residences complex, 48 G. Lyra Street, K. Kifissia
6. Independent Residences complex, 101 Markou Botsari Street, K. Kifissia
7. Independent Residences complex, 83 Markou Botsari Street, K. Kifissia
8. Independent Residences complex, Alexander the Great and Macedonian Street, in Thrakomakedones.
9. Apartments building, Street Kalamas and Ioannina, P. Heraklion
10. Apartments building, Anaxagora Street, Nea Erythrea
11. Apartments buildings complex, Homer Street, Melissia
12. Residential Complex with Pool, Grammou Street 22 – 24, P. Heraklion
13. Two building Residence complex, Veria and Edessa Street, Thrakomakedones
14. Two independent Residence complex, Kilkis 1 and Frangopoulou Street
15. Independent Residences complex with pool, Chlois & Ag.Antoniou, Varimpompi.
16. Eight buildings Residences complex Mpakogianni-Merkouri & Symis streets, Melissia.
17. Seven buildings Residential Complex, Egnatias,Laskari, Kirillou streets, Marousi
18. Residential building, Laskari and Kyrillou Streets, Marousi
19. Eight buildings Residential Complex, Zoodochos Pigis and Skiathos Street, Melissia
20. Two buildings Residential Complex, Skiathos Colonel Fryzi Streets, Melissia
21. Two-Storey Cottage Complex, Dapia, Spetses IslandΆνδρος