In 1978..

..IONIKI TECHNIKI OE is founded by Gregorios Priftis and Konstantinos Moschopoulos. In an environment of economy growth, the years that followed, the company evolved into AE with the distinctive title ΙΩΝΙΚΗ ΑΤΕΚΕ, expanding its activity:

A. In the construction of reinforced concrete technical projects, specialized in large building and infrastructure projects.

B. In the field of integrated development – construction – sales of luxury homes, mainly in the northern suburbs of Attica.

Having acquired……

…The technical know-how in construction works as well as the market’s trust in quality residential sales, Ioniki can present a long record of ‘works-done’.

Today, having completed 41 years of presence in the field of construction, the company participates in large-scale technical projects of particular technical demands, while at the same time developing and constructing new residential projects, mainly in the northern suburbs of Athens, but also in the islands in the field of holiday homes.

Company Set up


The headquarters of IONIKI ATEKE is located in the privately owned office building at 14 N. Fyrogeni Street, Lykovrisi, Athens.

Human resources

For Ioniki, human resources are essential for the proper operation and development of the company. G. Priftis and K. Moschopoulos run Ioniki with the help of a notable staff to carry out the business.

The office is consisted of 40 permanent employees, engineers, administrative and auxiliary staff, well trained in their field and cooperates with organized technical offices and companies, depend on the requirements of each project.

At the construction site level, the company currently employs 500 craftsmen and assistants of all specialties, 70% of whom are permanently employed.